Chinese workers said yes to suicide, Foxconn and Apple said no…

at least as long as your family doesn’t agree to seek the legal minimum in damages. That’s very thoughtful!

I myself once worked 160 hours overtime in a period of six weeks. It wasn’t forced but I guess that the company I worked for would’ve had to shut down that particular branch if I didn’t. Of course, I didn’t get any appreciation for it , the opposite actually since people in Sweden generally don’t like overly ambitious persons. In Swedish it’s called the Jante law, but at least I got paid for working overtime.

As some of you might’ve heard, Apple generously gave away an iPad 2 to a customer that had sent it back to them with the reason ”Wife said no.” and Apple sent it back to him with the reply ”Apple said yes.”.

I do wonder if the Chinese workers committed suicide out of pure joy over receiving a free iPad 2 each from their employer. Or could it be that the company that made $6billion profits in the first quarter of 2011 simply can’t afford giving their employees better pay and working conditions?

I suppose that all the people that’ve bought iPhones and iPads will get in touch with Apple and demand that they improve the working conditions for the workers. If they don’t they’re just as guilty as Apple and Foxconn.

Perhaps the Chinese workers will soon be able to buy a Suicide app on Apple’s App Store to help them from committing real suicide? But oh I forgot, they can’t afford an iPhone!



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